Trustees of the Cemeteries

Cemetery Trustees oversee three cemeteries and the town monument grounds. Cemeteries are East Sullivan Cemetery, Sullivan Center Cemetery and the Four Corners Cemetery. The Town Monument is at the crossroad of Centre St and Church St.

Along with maintaining the grounds, we also have headstones repaired as necessary. This work includes resetting the stone and putting large pieces together with brackets. We have started the restorations in the Four Corners Cemetery. Many of the headstones are badly broken mostly from weather and age. Our work is started but severe weather has taken away some days.

Please take a look at our town cemeteries.

Cemetery Plot Purchasing

If you wish to purchase a cemetery plot in Sullivan, you visit the Town Clerk. Working with the Clerk, you pick out the location and pay the appropriate fee. The fee for residents is $200 for a single lot, $400 for a double lot, and $150 for a cremation urn location. Non residents fee for a single lot is $500. The cornerstones must be arranged for as soon as possible. 

Please note that if you purchase multiple lots, a person must be assigned to each lot.