Budget Committee

The Town of Sullivan officially adopted a budget committee in accordance with the provisions of the NH RSA 32:14. The budget committee is "to assist voters in the prudent appropriation of Public funds:" (RSA 32:1). The budget committee analyzes the appropriation requests from the Selectmen and various town departments in such detail as to determine the annual amounts necessary to properly manage town affairs and still keep the tax load manageable. After conferring with the selectmen and department heads, the budget committee prepares a recommended budget and holds a public hearing. The public hearing is an opportunity for taxpayers to learn about the department's requests and the budget committee's recommendations and to request consideration for additions or deletions from the proposed budget. After the public hearing the budget committee adopts its recommended budget and it is posted with the annual meeting warrant.


The 2024 Warrant for Sullivan NH approved by Board of Selectmen and the Budget Committee. Voting on Articles 1-3 will happen on Tuesday, March 12 and Voting to the balance of the Articles will happen on Wednesday, March 13 at the Sullivan Town Meeting.