Board of Selectmen

The Sullivan Board of Selectmen is comprised of three elected individuals with varying term limits.  The Board meets on Monday evening beginning at 6:30 PM.  The Selectmen meet every other Monday night as posted on the website Home page, the message board in the lobby of the Town Hall and the Community Calendar. Meetings are open to the public with the exception of those issues that are exempt by statute (legal, land matters and personnel).  

The office of the Board of Selectmen is located in Town Hall.  It is staffed by the Administrative Assistant, Tuesday through Thursday, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  The Administrative Assistant prepares an agenda for each Board meeting.  If a member of the public has an item for discussion with the Board, contact the Administrative Assistant who will assist in completing an agenda request form.  The agenda request form and other background information helps the Board prepare for the next meeting.  Unless urgent, a request to be placed on the Board’s agenda is noon on the Thursday before a meeting.  Agendas will be posted publicly shortly thereafter.  

In part, RSA 41:8 reads, “The Selectmen shall manage the prudential affairs of the Town and perform the duties by law prescribed”.  Those prudential affairs are varied and include:

  • Create the annual budget, including the writing of warrant articles, reporting to appropriate state agencies, tax rate calculation, tax warrants and town report
  • Property Tax Assessment, including every 5 year revaluation and recertification of exemptions, credits and current use 
  • Receive and respond to citizen questions or issues
  • Receive and process building permits and septic system plans,  applications for property tax related exemptions, credits, current use, intents to cut timber or excavate gravel , property tax abatements and annual inventories
  • Generate land use change warrants, timber cut or excavation warrants
  • Authorize vendor payments, manage capital reserve funds
  • Ensure best practices in fiscal management (monitor expenses/revenues, observe purchasing policies, review or create policies and procedures)
  • Issue requests for proposal for a variety of services (financial, assessing, policing, auditing, facilities management, software, IT)
  • Personnel management including appointments to certain committees
  • Carry out the decisions made at Town meeting
  • Active participation in a variety of Town committees (Planning Board, Joint Loss Management, Budget Committee)
  • Receive and process  a variety of communications from local, State and Federal agencies (NH Dept. of Revenue, NH Dept. of Transportation,  NH Municipal Association, US Census, E911)
  • Generally to protect the interest of the Town particularly when no other board or official is specifically charged with the responsibility

Questions, inquiries, concerns should be directed to the Board of Selectmen through their Administrative Assistant.  The Administrative Assistant will assist where possible or re-direct issues where necessary.