This is a list of all forms and applications in use by the Town of Sullivan.
There are now two versions of some of the forms. One version is a regular version of the form that is printed out and filled out by hand.
The new version can be filled out on your computer and then either Saved to your computer and emailed to the Town Office or printed and mailed or brought to the Town Office.
Where a new version of a form exists it will be designated by "Computer form".

Here are instructions for the two methods you can use after filling out the form on your computer.

1. To Save the form to your computer go to the File menu in your browser and choose "Save As", and the form will be downloaded to your computer.
You can then attach it to an email and send it to

2.Print the form, by clicking on the Print button at the top of the form. Mail or bring the form to the Town Office.

After doing either of the above be sure to reset the form for the next user by clicking on the Reset button at the top of the form.

If the form is not Reset your personal data will remain in the form.