Master Plan Update 

Master Plan 2015

Master Plan Housing Project


Sullivan is one of 56 New Hampshire municipalities that have been awarded a Housing Opportunity Grants by the state, allowing us to hire a planning consultant to help us update housing-related sections of our master plan and identify potential improvements to the Town’s ordinances. The master plan is supposed to be updated every 5 to 10 years, and the current version is from 2015. The grant saves the town from having to spend capital reserve dollars for work on the master plan.  The Selectmen have appointed five residents as serve as a Housing Task Force leading the project. The Task Force charter expires in 2026.  A web page has been created on Town of Sullivan website with housing information.

Draft Master Plan Updates

 Housing Needs Assessment 

  • Housing preferences survey (95 respondents) results

o    Large lots and maintaining rural character are high priorities, with some interest in a village “node” or center

  • Sullivan Housing Needs Assessment

o    Used statistics from the 2020 Census and other surveys

o    Clearly shows an affordability gap between the wages and available housing types

  • Residents’ input from sessions incorporated in
o    Draft of “vision statement” for the master plan
o    Finalization of regulatory audit to specify and prioritize recommendations for change amendments to help Sullivan continue to be the town we want in the future
  • Updated Master Plan

o    The Planning Board will hold public hearings for input on the updated master plan and adopt it once finalized

Amending Sullivan’s Ordinances

  • The planning consultant and Housing Task Force will draft amendment changes to ordinances and regulations, if needed, to better align them with the vision statement and revised master plan, and submit the proposed amendments to the Planning Board
  • The Planning Board will hold public hearings on the proposed amendments to the regulations
  • Proposed amendments will be submitted to the Selectmen for inclusion on the ballot for Town Elections
  • Amendments that have a majority vote in favor at Town Election will be adopted and the ordinance will be updated accordingly.
  • Proposed Amendments    CPO_articles_MAR2024_before_and_after(1).pdf (                                                            
Resources on Housing Needs
Sullivan Housing Needs Assessment. 

Housing Affordability in NH

Implementing Hampshire's Regional Housing Needs Assessment

Solving the Housing Shortage, Maybe

 Better Subdivisions Presentation

DIY Guide to Homesharing

 NH ADU Law Explained

 NH Housing Shortage Presentation

Housing Opportunity Planning Grant

For information on HOP Grant Program, see Home - NHHOPgrants

Phase 1/2 HOP Grant Application is below.

Phase 1/2 HOP Grant  


Housing Realities in Sullivan

 Median household income is $83,750

  1. Median house price is $295,500
  2. Minimum income to purchase a $295,500 house is $110,000

A household needs to earn approximately 25% above the median income in order to purchase a home in Sullivan.

Two-thirds of the 294 households in Sullivan are one- or two-person households but 263 of the dwelling units are detached single-family houses. Sullivan’s housing stock is a poor match for the demographics of the town.

Current zoning is unlikely to produce housing more suitable for small households or elderly persons or those earning less than the median wage.

For more information, please see the Sullivan Housing Needs Assessment (below).

Housing Task Force

The mission of the Sullivan Housing Task Force is to identify, analyze, and advocate for a balanced supply of housing types that meet the economic, social, and physical needs of the Town of Sullivan residents in order to maintain a vibrant and sustainable community.

The Task Force meets periodically in the lower level of the Town Hall. The meetings are open to the public. The meeting schedule is posted on the Town Hall outside notice board. Next scheduled meeting: